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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Stick To

Many of us set goals and resolutions each new year. Exercising more, watching what we eat, cleaning out that spare bedroom. But what about taking control of your digital life? The problem for many of us, is our motivation quickly dwindles by the time February comes around. If you manage to achieve only one of your new year resolutions, make it to regularly backup your data.


data backup

We all know we should be backing up our data, but never get around to it, as it’s easy to think ‘it’ll never happen to me’. But what would happen should the worse happen? Those family photos of the kids growing up or family holidays, they can be gone forever!

We see a lot of failed drives, in fact replacing hard drives is one of the most common jobs we do. We often see cases where the data is simply not accessible or gone completely. In some cases, the only way to retrieve the data, is by sending it off to a data recovery lab, where they will open the hard drive in a special clean room and replace the failed component inside the drive. The cost for this can be anywhere in the region of £300-£500.

Replacing Valuables

Almost everything you own can be replaced; a broken laptop, phone or TV, however losing data is much harder to replace. Without a good backup system in place, there is simply no way to recover it once it’s gone.

While your insurance company will replace any broken or stolen items, they can’t replace your data. A backup system is like the world’s best insurance policy; it provides you with an exact copy of your data, exactly how you left it, ready to be restored whenever you need it.

Losing Data

Data storage, whether it’s your hard drive or a USB memory stick, can and will develop a fault and fail at any time. Storage failure will not be apparent until the device fails to turn on properly or stops working suddenly. The older the device, the more likely it is that the device will fail.

Also, as modern devices get smaller and smaller, they are more vulnerable to loss or theft. Whether the device is lost through natural causes, such a flood or fire, misplaced or stolen; losing your precious data can be a costly and painful experience.

Backup For You

With the right backup system in place, it doesn’t matter if the device is lost or stolen, or even fails, your data is kept safe. A backup system can even be setup to do it automatically for you, in the background, so you don’t have to worry about doing it.

How much would you pay to have those photos of the kids, family holidays, relatives no longer with us, back again? A good backup solution costs less than you think. Give us a call on 01543 889 444 to get a robust and reliable backup system in place.

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