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As your business continues to grow, it’s important that your IT and technology solutions grow with it. Consumer grade equipment and solutions simply don’t cut the fast-paced world of business, and so it maybe time to consider these tips to help your business grow even more.


Upgrade to a Business Grade Cloud solution

Maybe you are relying on free software and solutions, such as Gmail or Dropbox, and why not, it’s free right? But what does this tell your customers when you are using a free email address such as Gmail or Outlook.com? For a small monthly fee, you gain business grade features and not only that, it will make your business look more professional.

Office 365 offers business emails, video and voice calls, secure team messaging, 50GB cloud storage and the desktop versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint you use every day. Plus, you gain greater security and administration of your data.


Backup solutions

Consumer grade backup may be ok if you only use one computer, but what if you’ve got multiple computers, are you backing them all up, and where to?

With a 3-2-1 backup solution, your business has a minimum of three backups. Two onsite and another offsite, such as in the cloud. Having a local backup allows you to recover files quickly with very little downtime. However, should the worst happen, such as a fire or flood, your offsite backup will save the day.

It’s important to know that you need to backup your email, calendar and cloud-based files. Providers such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox are not responsible for your data. If you are hit by ransomware, these files may be gone forever.


Managed Antivirus

While most businesses have these protections, not all have embraced the idea of monitored antivirus and firewalls. Instead, the default setup has more in common with a home setup than a robust professional system. Given that SMBs are a primary target for malware and cyber-attack, you should seriously consider moving to the monitored versions.

All updates are taken care of, plus company-wide protections applied so users can’t accidentally infect the network. When something doesn’t look quite right, our monitors take immediate action to protect your business.

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