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Computer Myths Debunked

There are many common misconceptions about computers, from a slow computer has a virus to my laptop battery needs to be dead before I recharge. Here’s some common myths about computers.


My computer is slow, so it must have a virus

A virus can be to blame, in fact, this used to be the case 90% of the time. However, in recent years, the number 1 reason for a slow computer is down to the speed of the hard drive. Computer and laptop manufacturers still build machines with mechanical hard drives.

Mechanical hard drives are like a record player, a series of spinning disks arranged in a delicate stack known as a platter. Each disk reads and saves data using a tiny head moving across the disk’s surface. Over time these, mechanical hard drives naturally slow down, leaving your computer feel sluggish. Replacing a mechanical hard drive with a solid-state drive can give you a serious boost in performance and make your computer or laptop feel like new again.


Macs don’t get viruses

This simply isn’t true. The Mac operating system is vulnerable to infections, especially as more and more people switch from Windows to Mac.

We usually do a quick scan on all Macs just to make sure they are clean and virus free, yet almost every Mac we see has got some sort of infection. In fact, we shared a photo on Facebook last year after a customer told us “Mac’s don’t get viruses”. This machine had over 100 different infections, which we cleaned up and returned with an antivirus solution in place.


My laptop battery needs to be dead before I charge it up again

This was true in the past. Laptop batteries were made from Nickel-cadmium and they suffered from something called the memory effect. If you discharged and recharged the battery at the same point, they would remember that and so they didn’t perform as well.

However, modern day batteries are made with Lithium-ion and so they don’t suffer from the memory effect.

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