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Why Buy a Refurbished Laptop or Desktop?

A refurbished laptop or desktop is exactly that, a machine that has previously been used by someone else but has been refurbished so someone else can use it. Although you won’t usually find the latest tech in a refurbished device, they can be a great way of saving money while still getting a product that works and looks great.


What is a refurbished laptop or desktop?

A refurbished device is one that has been used by someone else. A specialist refurbing company will test each device to make sure the hardware is working perfectly and any components that aren’t working, are replaced. The hard drives within the devices are securely wiped and then a fresh genuine copy of Windows is installed. Finally, the device is cleaned inside and out to get rid of any dirt or dust build up.


The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages to buying a refurbished laptop or desktop is the cost savings compared the buying a brand-new machine.

Another advantage is that it’s eco-friendly. Instead of the device going to the landfill, it’s given a new lease of life and so it helps reduce environment damage.


Things to Consider

The main thing to consider is the device will not be new. Depending on the grade you choose, there may be slight scratches or marks on the casing. However, all the components inside are in perfect working order.

You are unlikely to find the latest generation of hardware in a refurbished laptop or computer. However, they are more than capable of running the latest programs and applications.

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