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Wi-Fi dead spots are a thing of the past

Let’s face it, we all rely on Wi-Fi. It provides our wireless high-speed network connection to the rest of the world. As we rely on it more and more, we often find there are area’s in our home or office where the Wi-Fi simply isn’t reliable.

This is where Mesh Wi-Fi comes into play. Traditional Wi-Fi relies on a single router or access point located in a central location to provide the best coverage. If you were having issues, you might invest in a booster, but these were often slow or unreliable. But now, with a mesh network, you can provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi to those hard to reach places.


Wifi issues


How Mesh Wi-Fi works

Instead of having a single router or access point, a mesh Wi-Fi network relies upon several smaller, connected devices placed around your office or home, known as satellites. These satellites capture and rebroadcast the signals giving you better connectivity. Benefits include:


  • Better speeds and reliability
  • Better coverage, allows you to provide Wi-Fi in those hard to reach places
  • Easy to use. A typical Wi-Fi mesh system is automated and often comes with a mobile app for easy management



As with traditional Wi-Fi, you will have to do an initial setup to secure the Wi-Fi mesh. This may include:


  • Changing the default login credentials
  • Setting up the satellites to automatically check and install security patches and firmware
  • Changing the default network name and password to something unique


Are there any negatives?

Well yes, one. The Cost. Multiple devices mean more expense. But consider this: How often do you suffer from connectivity issues? Are there any dead zones where traditional Wi-Fi simply does not reach?

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