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Make your computer or laptop feel like new again

Like many things, computers and laptops suffer from wear and tear over time. Remember when you bought your ultra-fast machine a couple of years ago, you would turn it on, and it would be ready and waiting for you. Now it doesn’t seem so quick does it?

If your computer or laptop is no longer running at peak performance, a simple upgrade will breathe new life into it…and for a fraction of buying a new one.

SSD prices have fallen dramatically in recent years. At one-point SSDs was a rare treat for only the most serious PC enthusiasts, but now they are the most common and popular upgrade for any computer.



I am speed

Unlike a normal hard drive, that has many moving parts, an SSD has none. The process of retrieving and saving data is a lot quicker than a traditional hard drive. Your computer loads up in a matter of seconds instead of minutes, and your programs will open as soon as you click the icon.


Combine it with an ultra-modern Operating System

Although Windows 10 has been out for many years, we still see a lot of Windows 7 machines. Windows 7 was an extremely popular Operating System and many machines that run Windows 7, are more than capable of running Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10.

But the problem with Windows 7, is that Microsoft is ending support in January 2020 for it. This will mean no more security updates and if there is an exploit or problem found within the OS, Microsoft will not fix it. This will leave you open to a cyber-attack.


Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Upgrading to both an SSD and Windows 10 isn’t as much as you think and is just a fraction of buying a new computer. Call us on 01543 889 444 and let us handle your upgrade.


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