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Why Your Small Business Needs VoIP

Why would a small business need VoIP? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has many advantages for small businesses especially SMBs that want to do business with enterprise sized companies.

Basically, VoIP turns voice conversation into data packets sent between two network points and the technology turns the data back into an analog signal at the receiving end if required. The person on the other end does not need to be on VoIP.

Services such as Skype use VoIP which uses your broadband Internet connection to make or receive the call, bypassing land lines or mobile phones and saves users long distance or extra minute charges.

Beyond the savings VoIP setups often include features such as voicemail, call forwarding and call recording at no extra cost.

There’s also cost savings from consolidating your communications infrastructure and streamlining voice, data and broadband services with just one provider along with savings in set up and maintaining traditional communication systems.


VoIP Enables Flexibility

Mobility is another big reason to move to VoIP. Businesses can download the VoIP App and it will turn any Internet connected device such as a laptop into a VoIP phone, you don’t actually need a phone and you can take your business phone numbers with you anywhere in the world.

Calls can be forwarded from office phones to the device of your choice be it laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer in an office anywhere offering workplace flexibility which employees appreciate.

The VoIP platform is also scalable as it is easy to install as there’s little to no physical hardware to set up. As your business expands, you can quickly add additional users as you don’t have to wait for your telephone provider to visit to add extra lines, and for seasonal businesses you can add or delete lines as needed with very little additional cost.

Cost savings can also be had from having fewer telephone hardware maintenance costs, it frees up space and your communication equipment is up to date.


Quality and security issues?

Obviously, any business user will have a concern about quality of a VoIP call as it can reflect on how well it conducts its business. VoIP needs a good Internet connection to work well.

Security is another concern. A business using VoIP can use an on premises solution or it can be cloud based. When running VoIP on your own network the data is a secure as anything else you are using, and most VoIP service providers use call encryption meaning your data is safe.


Analytics benefits of VoIP

With VoIP you can gain access to reporting and business analytics as some VoIP systems integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software giving data and call insights along with call monitoring, recording and reporting capabilities which can lead to better employee training, help with security threats and ensuring compliance.

VoIP can provide cost savings, flexibility and peace of mind meaning you can focus on growth and profit.

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