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Tips for Working from Home

Working from home can prove difficult and challenging but with many people worldwide now being forced to do this because of COVID-19 the following tips can help you stay focused when working remotely.


Create your office space

Set up your temporary home office, away from distractions if you can, a spare room is perfect but if not somewhere you can close the door. Try to create your office at work as best as you can, so it feels as though you are going into your office at work and remove anything personal such as photos.

Creating your “office at home” can help with the mental association that you are going to work. Also dress as if you were going to work, if you wear a tie at work then wear a tie at home, don’t wear your round the house casuals, get your mind into work mode.

Keep to a routine

Keeping to a work schedule can help. If you go to the office at a certain time, start at your workstation at the same time, keep break times as consistent to work break times as you can, this helps the brain to think it’s business as usual even if you are working in the lounge on a coffee table.

If you eat at your desk at work do the same at home, it’s easy to sit in front of a TV at home and get distracted and you have lost valuable time before you know it.

If you checked your e-mails first then do this first. If you have a weekly conference call every Tuesday at 10 o’clock then try and keep to that as well using video or voice conferencing to stay in touch and safe. Keep your routine as close as possible to work.

Important – avoid distractions

News and social media are traps for those working from home, especially during this COVID-19 outbreak as you want to know what’s going on and the latest news, no one is watching you and it’s easy to think “I’ll just check”… before you know it another 30 minutes has been lost on something completely irrelevant to work.

Working from home with children can be difficult, especially if you are on your own and need to supervise their online learning. As you have your own work space then giving them their own work space can keep them motivated and away from you. Set out rules on breaks and when you can spend time together, try and explain that you are working as well.

Keep deadlines

The longer you have to do something the slower you will work, its human nature so setting yourself realistic deadlines as you would at work will keep you motivated.

Share your deadlines with other colleagues using an online task management tool. This can kelp with accountability.

Be patient

Your perhaps doing something completely new so don’t expect everything to go to plan straight away, give yourself time to bed things in and get used to your new routine (but not too long). You will be dealing with many changes. You could try setting a timer and work until the bell chimes.

You could try doing 30 minutes of good work on that thing you’re avoiding, it may only be 30 minutes but at least you will be further ahead on it and you may find you are close to finishing it and get the job done.

Have the right tech

Working from home can be a little daunting and requires a lot of self discipline as well as challenging, and you don’t want to make it harder by having unreliable internet and Wi-Fi connections. If you are having problems then give us a call on 01543 889 444.

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