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How to Solve your Work from Home Internet Problems

Your internet has always been fine with no problems but suddenly you are working from home and problems are starting to occur, it’s slowing down when your boss needs a large file sending or you keep dropping out on an important video call with your colleagues. You need help.

It’s your service providers fault
Yes it could be your budget internet service provider (ISP) not providing you with enough bandwidth but you get what you pay for, that’s why they were cheaper. Bandwidth impacts the data transfer rate making a difference to downloads and connectivity. The cheaper ISP’s might sell their capabilities betting that not everyone will be online at the same time but now everyone is working from home including you.

Switching to a higher quality ISP could help solve your connectivity problems but its worth checking what they can offer before you switch.

Most people living in towns now have full fibre optic connections meaning they can access data more quickly, however some people, especially in more rural areas have old style copper cables for their connections which use electrical pulses to carry data meaning slower data rates. Also the further the signals have to travel the lower your signal strength will become.

If old style copper cables or distance is an issue you could swap to point-to point Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G. For Wi-Fi you would install a disk or antenna on your house pointing to a nearby wireless provider or with 4G or 5G you would be using a mobile phone tower.

It’s your end not the Service Provider’s
It’s possible that the internet problem is from your home or your neighbourhood. With the whole family at home it’s entirely likely that your partner is on social media, your kids are on an online classroom tutorial (or more likely social media as well) and you are trying to send that large file all at the same time plus all your neighbours are all at home as well on their Wi-Fi resulting in congestion in your area.

You could switch to a 5 GHz connection which will improve your speed and you will not be in as much competition as many home Wi-Fi setups are 2.4 GHz frequency.

So What is the Best Solution?
This will vary depending on your location and the ISP options available and there’s no one size fits all solution but there’s no need to worry, give us a call on 01543 889 444 and we’ll will help you find the solution that’s right for you.

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