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Have you tried turning it off and on?

This solution is one of the most banded about solutions in IT, turn your device off and back on and see what happens and surprisingly it often works. So why do you need an IT expert to solve all your problems?

IT Support

Take a Microsoft blue screen for instance, if you see this, Windows cannot continue working and restarting your computer may be all you need, but – if it doesn’t then it’s time to call your IT guys.

Sometimes applications will freeze or your system locks up and all you can do is stare at the screen. If it’s an application you can try a “Force Quit” (CTL + ALT + Delete in Windows). If that doesn’t work you may have to force a shutdown. On a PC just hold the power button down for as long as needed for the computer to shut off. If this fails to rectify the problem then it’s time to call us.

When you have issues with the internet or network connectivity powering off your computer may again be the solution. By doing this you reset its connections to the router, server or even ISP allowing the necessary information to get back online to be communicated back and forth. If that doesn’t work try powering off the router or modem, the same explanation applies only this time you’re resetting the connection from the other end.

A couple of cautions

Before you power off, assuming it’s not a complete freeze, save any documents and close any open windows as unexpected shutdowns may cause data corruption in any open files. You should also remember to regularly save your documents as you are working making multiple, incremental copies as you go. For example File v1.doc., File v2.doc etc by using the “Save As” function.

If you do have to turn something off and on again as a quick fix don’t immediately power back on, give the device a “cooling off” time of 5 -10 seconds allowing it the necessary time to reset.

You should avoid turning your computer off and on again many times in a day as doing so repeatedly can stress the device, especially older computers. If you’re having to do this many times a day because of freeze-ups then there is an underlying issue with your device that needs to be fixed.

If you are having issues with any devices call us on 01543 889 444

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