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Returning to Work: Make sure you are IT Safe

Your business has had the go ahead to return to work onsite, but you are unsure of the precautions you need to carry out. Guidelines have been produced regarding social distancing and keeping your workforce safe but what about IT safety?

If you have had remote working during quarantine you could allow workers to stay at home if they are at risk or oppose the idea of returning too soon.

For those coming back, you could use a phased return to ensure social distancing making people feel more secure. You could use a hybrid approach, allowing people to work in the office three days a week and two days at home, allowing a staggered return and letting them regain their confidence to return to full workplace.

Do you have the correct technology?

You may think you have the technology to support your staff both working onsite and remotely but is it capable of supporting your business long term. Will your technology support you for the long haul or as some are saying the new way of working?

To achieve a flexible hybrid model of working you could go with cloud solutions or you could expand on site IT. Do you need the additional infrastructure to handle remote employees using VPNs? Both onsite and remote staff might need to securely access systems at the same time. Cloud collaboration software will allow both onsite and remote staff to use resources at the same time.

When you bring people back to the office you may need to space your workstations further apart to ensure social distancing meaning you may have to move computer hardware as well, or if you previously used shared computers, you will have to add more desktops or laptops.

Further IT precautions

Cyber-criminals are always on the lookout to make a quick killing; you only have to look at the proliferation of scams that have occurred during lockdown. Many businesses had to move quickly to remote working sometimes allowing staff to access the business from personal devices which could leave them open to cyber attacks.

Now is the time to explore any vulnerabilities in your IT systems. Double check permissions ensuring say someone from procurement cannot access payroll and vice-versa. Also confirm that all your staff have adequate virus protection on their devices and security patches are up to date.

You will naturally be concentrating your efforts on social distancing, deep cleaning, etc to ensure your staff are safe to return to work but don’t forget your IT needs. If you need any help ensuring your IT is safe and ready give us a call on 01543 889444.


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