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Ten years ago, the “Cloud” was virtually unknown however this technology has grown to new heights and it is now a phrase used almost daily in offices around the world. More and more businesses are using it for the huge benefits it has to offer.

This sudden uptake has raised questions too. Businesses want to know what the Cloud can do for them but want to understand it before committing their data to it and most of all – is it safe?

What is The Cloud?

The principle behind the Cloud is that it allows you to store, retrieve and work on your data without you having to worry about the fine detail of where or how it is kept. It may be stored on a single computer or distributed across multiple servers all around the world. Most often it is stored across one or more data centres as close as possible to your physical location.

From the perspective of the user it does not matter where the data is stored, just that the Cloud server will retrieve your data as quickly and efficiently as possible. You do not have to worry about the specifics and lets you get on with the running of your business.

Is the Cloud safe?

Your data will be sitting on one of many multiple computers stacked together in an air-conditioned temperature controlled clean room. Data centres make storing and securing data their entire business employing high level cyber-security and physical security with walled compounds, guards at security gates and state of the art CCTV. They also employ redundant power supplies to protect against unplanned power outages.

Cloud convenience

Storing data in the Cloud means having easy access to your data and regular backups. Staff across the business can work, share, and transfer documents at the same time without the worry of redundant copies or working on the wrong version and saving over previous versions.

Many companies didn’t know they needed the Cloud until they started using it.


Attacking a fortified, secure data centre is almost impossible, and the most significant threat comes from the users of the Cloud. A weak password or reusing an old one can open your data to hackers. A phishing scam or installing malicious software on your computer gives attackers the single opportunity they need to strike.

These issues can be guarded against with staff training, awareness, and simple security tools along with a password manager can guard against the biggest threats to your company.

The Cloud is the safest, most reliable, and most secure way to store your company’s valuable data.

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