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Need IT Support and based in or around Lichfield? We provide fantastic IT Support for small & medium businesses.

IT Support LichfieldAny business operating in this modern world will fail to stay competitive if it ignores technological advancements. For small and medium sized companies, hiring a team of IT employees does not fit with their budget constraints. When it comes to IT support for small businesses we offer a solution.

We’ll discuss your current IT Support, your business goals and how we can help you maximise your technology solutions investment. We can setup a solution so you can continue working as normal, even in the event of a crisis.

We provide on-going support for businesses in many different sectors with flexible support options including on-line remote support, telephone calls and being local, good old fashioned site visits! We pride ourselves on solving problems so quickly; it’s often before they arise thanks to our system and machine monitoring and update services. You can find out more about our company by visiting our about us page.

Just a handful of the services we offer are;

  • Business IT Support
  • Office 365 setup / management
  • IT Security
  • Cloud backup
  • Operating System Upgrades

You can see a full list of our IT services here.

We are an IT company focused on not just fixing your IT problems, but on helping you achieve your business goals – whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.  Get clear, plain language explanations and not the techy jargon which may cause clarity issues, We’ll never try to baffle you with science.

Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security? It’s the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyberattacks.

The threat of virus, malware and ransomware is real, and the effects can be devastating to any business. A single infection can bring down an entire business causing loss in revenue and productivity.

To protect you and your business, we can deploy and configure the latest cutting-edge cyber security technology and monitor and manage any threats to your systems. A robust cyber security strategy is the best defence against attack, but many organisations don’t know where to begin. There is no need for you to worry about whether it’s working, up to date and performing regular scans, we’ll do all that for you.

View more information on our Cyber Security page by clicking here.

Disaster Recovery

If you value your data, you should be backing up. For businesses, this could mean everything from invoices to marketing materials to your customer database. What would happen if come tomorrow all these were gone? Could your business operate?

We offer two types of backup solution; cloud backup and local backup. Cloud backup is something worth looking into; your files are stored on the cloud, in a secure environment and if something should happen to your premises (such as fire, flood, etc), you can quickly recover those valuable documents. Once installed on your office computer or server, our software will take it from there.

Automated disaster recovery failover and failback strengthens business continuity strategies. Get always-on accessibility without adding infrastructure silos, operational complexity or cost.

View more information on our Cloud Backup page by clicking here.

Client Testimonial

“We have been using SJH Computing now for over 2 years due to problems with our previous IT company. The service provided is excellent and whenever we have a problem they are on hand to fix it without delay meaning minimal disruption to the business. I would highly recommend SJH Computing”

Gareth Curtis

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Don’t be Afraid of the Cloud

Although the public cloud service is expanding some businesses are reluctant to migrate their IT to this service for a number of reasons. This article addresses the common myths to this highly scalable and cost effective solution.

Fear of Change

The old saying of “why try to fix it if it’s not broke” is often banded about especially when it comes to business computing, and moving all your data from one data center to another takes planning and effort.

The greater flexibility when it is done will make it all worthwhile. Cloud technology offers:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Mobility
  • Faster implementation
  • Scalability
  • Disaster recovery

The Cloud allows you to store data, deliver content, run applications and other IT functions all online, plus you don’t have to invest in the necessary hardware or networking technology on site.

Fear of Losing Control

Most IT departments want full control of their domain and can be reluctant to hand this over to a third party as moving to the public Cloud means partnering with this other third party. Some of your existing technology can move however some may need to be replaced or redesigned.

One solution is to migrate to a private Cloud. This will allow you to control the data and software but will be more costly than a public Cloud. When going into partnership with a public Cloud service provider make sure who is responsible and accountable for what.

Fear of Cost Increases

Cost is always a concern to businesses especially IT costs and although it may seem costlier by moving to the Cloud, first take stock of your existing IT operating budget. The time and money saving could be surprising as the software provider will take charge of updates, patching and new capabilities which can increase IT productivity in other areas.

With Cloud technology you know your tools are always evolving plus you can quickly add or reduce licenses for data storage and you don’t need to wait for hardware to arrive and be installed by your IT team.

Fear of Data Security

This is probably the biggest fear when moving to a third party, just how secure is your data. Also of concern is any downtime for a data breach and the resulting cost in lost production, business revenue and brand. You don’t want to move to a solution that increases your vulnerability.

There are two ways you can be attacked; digital or physical. A Cloud provider is always focused on security, they do not want an attack as much as you do as their reputation would be in tatters. They know the mitigations and counter measures for cloud computing capabilities. They know the frameworks, architecture and approaches to best protect against digital attack. Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud offering, has a budget of $1 billion to prevent such cyber attacks. Very few IT budgets can compete with that.

As for physical security your own business premises is probably less secure than a data center. They have patrolled, fenced perimeters, guards, keycard only access, power backups and server redundancy.


With cloud migration you also avoid training employees to support the technology, freeing up office space and paying less for power and cooling to house your equipment. The cloud provides end users with immediate access from almost any device.

The one challenge is migrating to the cloud securely so contact us today on 01543 889 444 to get you migrated swiftly and ensure you’re using cloud computing safely.

Why annual tune-ups are essential

Remember when you first bought your computer or laptop? You’d hit the power button and it was ready to go waiting for you. Fast forward a year or two, it doesn’t seem as quick does it? That’s because computers need regular maintenance in order to keep them running at full speed.


Computer tune-up

Let’s take a look at some of the culprits.

Start-up programs: A lot a programs will start automatically when you turn on your computer, some of these are required for day to day operation, some are not. For example, the iTunes helper automatically loads in the background to speed up things when you connect your iPhone or iPod. But if you can’t remember the last time you connected one of these, it can be disabled.

The average computer can have anywhere between 50-80 programs automatically start-up, each one using system resources which slow down your computer. However, if you don’t know what you are doing and disable the wrong programs, your computer can become unstable and will not work correctly.

Viruses and malware: Almost every computer we see, has got a virus or malware infection and the person those computers it is, doesn’t even know about it. These infections sit in the background, using valuable system resources, slowing the computer down even more. Not only that, but they are also spying on your actions, stealing your private information or  possibly infecting other computers and laptops on your home network. As part of our tune-up process, we make sure your system is completely clear of these infections.

Temporary junk: Computers have a habit of leaving junk everywhere. Every website, document or program you’ve opened, there will be ‘junk’ or snippets of information left behind. These junk files can and will eventually slow your computer down.

Hardware issues: When we perform our tune-ups, we also test the components inside your computer to make sure they are working at peak performance.

Dust build up (all those fans inside your computer or laptop act as a vacuum cleaner, sucking up dust and trapping it inside) causes components to overheat. As the temperatures inside rise, your computer will start to throttle back it’s performance in order to keep itself cool. We recommend a full strip down and clean once a year to keep everything clean inside.

Also, hard drives slow down over time. Traditional hard drives are made up of stacks of platters, spinning up to 7200 rpm, which a read/write head whizzes back and forth. Eventually, the platters take longer to spin up, resulting in a slow computer. This can happen on new computers, so we also recommend testing hard drives once a year to make sure they are not failing.

Just like a car, computers and laptops require regular maintenance in order to make sure they are working correctly. That’s why we suggest having it done once a year. If you haven’t had your computer looked at by us this year, then now is the perfect time to book it in for a tune-up…just in time for Christmas.

Call us today on 01543 889 444 to get your tune-up booked in.