Free antivirus
There are many antivirus solutions for you to choose from, both paid and free, however with free antivirus, you get what you pay for. Most free antivirus solutions offer you very little protection from real threats; most of the infected computers we see, aren’t actually infected with a traditional computer […]

Why free antivirus isn’t always the best

Virus Removal in Cannock
A lot of computers that we see are often infected by some sort of virus, malware or potentially unwanted software. A long time ago, it was easy to tell if you were infected, you would get various screens and popups telling you your computer was infected, and they would ask […]

Is your computer infected with a virus?

There is a growing trend in the amount of fake tech support calls. These scammers prey on the innocent and often ask for a large amount of money to fix your computer. They often say they are calling from Microsoft or the Windows support team and there’s a problem with […]

Fake tech support calls

If your computer or laptop is a few years old and starting to feel sluggish and slow, you don’t have to replace it, just upgrade your traditional hard drive to an ultra-fast SSD. We’ve spoke about hard drives and SSDs previously and the benefits of both. Installing an SSD into […]

Upgrade your hard drive to an SSD