How to scan and clean your registry

You may have heard about the Windows registry but what actually is it? It’s a database that stores configuration settings and various options for Windows to operate correctly. However over time these settings can become corrupt or no longer required and need cleaning out. This is where CCleaner comes on. We use CCleaner on every PC that comes through our workshop. Not only does it clean the registry but it can also clear temporary files and various other bits and pieces.

Head over to to download CCleaner, where you will be asked whether you want the free version, professional or the business edition. Unless you want support from Piriform, select the free version. Once you’ve downloaded and installed CCleaner, you will be asked to perform an intelligent cookie scan. Select Yes to this.

CCleaner Cookie Scan

Once the scans complete, you will be presented with the main screen. The two areas you are interested in is the Cleaner and Registry tabs.

CCleaner Temporary Files

The Cleaner tab searches for temporary files or files that can be deleted and will remove them safely. To run the Cleaner, click the Analyze button which will go away and search for files that can be deleted on your computer. Once its finished analysing your computer, just click Run Cleaner and job done.
When you’re ready to clean your registry, click on the Registry tab.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Again, click Scan for Issues and CCleaner will go away and look for registry items that can be deleted. Once it’s completed its scan, simply click Fix selected issues. You will be asked whether you want to back up the registry, you can say no to this as we feel it isn’t necessary, and then click Fix All Selected Issues.
And that’s it. Not only have you cleaned up temporary and unnecessary files, but you’ve also cleaned up your registry. Running this on a monthly basis will keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently.

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