Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft

Windows XP support ends 2014

You may or may not know, but support from Microsoft for Windows XP ended in April 2014. This doesn’t mean your computer will stop working, it means Microsoft will no longer issue any updates or allocate any resources to the 12 year old operating system. After 8th April 2014, new vulnerabilities will no longer be patched which means that your computer will be at risk.

Time to move on?

If you’ve been thinking of buying a new(er) computer, then now’s the time. Windows Vista had some issues and is worth skipping, which leaves you with Windows 7 or Windows 8, or even Windows 10. Windows 7 is a sound operating system with tons of features, while Windows 8, has even more features and a new interface (you can go back to the classic interface if you cannot get used to it). You also have Windows 10, which builds upon both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is worth looking at.

New or refurbished?

So you’ve decided you want to upgrade, but should you buy a new computer or a refurbished one? New computers are just that, brand new. With refurbished computers, you can generally get more for your money. Our refurbished computers come with a 3 month warranty for that extra piece of mind. Whatever you decided, we can help you make that choice and also supply and install your computer. Call us on 01543 889 444 or fill in the form below and we’ll email you back.

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