Take away the worry of maintaining your computer

So, you are using your computer or laptop, and you are greeted with a popup asking you to download and update Windows, but you are unsure whether you should press that update button. What if it goes wrong and it crashes my computer? Is it a legitimate update?Computer maintenance

Now imagine, that never happens and all the updates are installed automatically for you, without you worrying about it. That’s exactly what happens with our Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance service. We take away all the hassle and the worry as to whether your computer or laptop is running correctly.

For less than 33p a day per computer/laptop, we can:

Perform daily checks to make sure your system is in perfect working order
We will make sure your computer is up to date
We’ll also provide a managed antivirus solution to help protect you from virus infections

And should any issues arise, we will call you to discuss your options.

Find out how affordable our Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance service really is, call us today at 01543 889 444.

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