Why does your computer slow down?

Remember when you bought your new computer and it would load almost instantly? But now it seems a little sluggish and slow? No, you are not imagining it, computers do slow down over time and with a little maintenance, your computer can be running at full speed in no time. So let’s have a look at a few things that could be slowing down your computer:Slow computer

Temporary Files: Computers leave temporary files all over the place. These files can range from cookies, pictures you’ve viewed on the Internet, log files or even saved game files. All these can slow down your computer, but the good news is they can be removed.

Start-up Applications: Some programs will automatically start when you turn on your computer. For example, Skype will automatically start and will sign you in. These programs that automatically start when you turn your computer on, will slow down your boot up and start times, making your computer feel slower. On average, 70-80 programs will start when you turn on your computer.

Virus and Malware infections: Virus and malware infections can make a computer unusable and slow. Not only do they slow down your computer, but they could also be spying on your actions, stealing your data and also trying to infect other computers on your network. Even if you have got anti-virus, some are better than others, so it’s worth having your computer checked over regularly to make sure your computer is clear of virus and malware infections.

New Features: Software vendors will often introduce new features and design improvements to their software. These features and design improvements may require more system resources to install and run and can slow down your computer.

Just like cars, computers need regular maintenance to make sure they are running smoothly and efficiently, we offer a tune-up service that can breathe new life into your machine.

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