You’re going on holiday, so why doesn’t your computer?

Summer is here and you’re thinking of going on holiday, and the last thing you want to think about is your computer or laptop. However, when you get back, you turn on your machine to download your holiday snaps, and then you realise how slow and bogged down it is. So instead of waiting until you get back from your holiday, book your computer in today and we’ll have it running like new in no time.

Our Computer tune-up service is like a service for your computer or laptop. We start by checking the hard drive and memory for any errors. We then remove any malware, viruses and any other nasties that may slow down your computer, update your operating system, tidy and remove temporary files that may slow your computer down and also tweak system settings for optimal performance. We’ll also make sure all your software is up to date such as web browsers, iTunes and Adobe Reader.
And while we’ve got your computer or laptop, we’ll give it a clean inside and out. You’ll be surprised how much dust can build up over the years.

SSD Upgrades
We’ve mentioned SSD upgrades previously, but installing an SSD into your computer will not only breathe new life into your machine but is also cheaper than buying a new computer or laptop. SSDs are built for speed. They do this by storing the data on them using a motionless technology, meaning there are no moving parts. This means the data can be accessed almost instantly.

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