Are your Business Continuity Plans up to date?

Business continuity is preparing for the unexpected and plans ensure you can maintain operations during unexpected disruptions. Such disruptions can include:

  • national emergencies
  • sabotage
  • natural and man-made disasters
  • utility failures
  • data breaches or cyber-security attack

There is however a new threat that not only threatens individual businesses but whole economies – COVID-19.

The situation with COVID-19 has shown to be extremely fluid and can change in an instant so what do you need to do?

Prepare for the Unexpected

A business continuity plan tries to anticipate the worst that could happen without knowing what is going to happen; nobody saw a world pandemic coming.

You may never need to use your plan but taking the “it`ll never happen to me” approach is playing a dangerous game and could leave you up the creek without a paddle so to speak.

When COVID-19 hit many governments required businesses of all sizes across many industries to migrate to remote working or “working from home”. Those businesses with business continuity plans were able to respond with great agility whereas those without a plan would have floundered and found it very difficult and rushing to set up the required hardware and software which could lead to costly mistakes.

Now, many countries are starting to reopen for business albeit with constraints and now is the time to see how your business continuity plan coped and look for any weaknesses. Look back at what worked and what didn`t and ensure you are better prepared for the future.

Planning with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

COVID-19 is not over yet and you could find yourself having to go back to remote working as spikes in the virus occur and local lock downs are forced back upon businesses. Your business continuity plan will lay out how to proceed but beware there can be many pitfalls and security issues with working remote and working with an MSP can enable you to ensure you have the correct hardware and software, set up data protection and develop a backup setup amongst other things.

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