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Cloud Backup Services For Small Business’

Where would your business be if you lost all of your data? System failures happen and could prove critical to your business. Furthermore, the rise in cybercrime makes your data a vulnerable commodity. In 2021, the average cost, globally, of a data breach reached over £3 million – a figure set to rise now that hybrid working environments are becoming more commonplace.

Having a back-up system in place is essential, regardless of the size of your business.

At SJH Computing we offer a secure cloud back-up solution, so if the unthinkable happens your files will be recoverable.

We recommend cloud back-up services as it’s an off-site solution, meaning that should anything happen to your premises – such as fire or flood – your data is off-site and secure. And recoverable.

SJH Computing will visit your premises to assess the level of back-up your business requires. If you have staff working remotely, we can also assess how they store, access and transfer data to minimise any potential cyber security issues too.

Once installed, our system will run in the background without you needing to do anything.

Cloud Backup Services

What’s included?

Automatic back up

Choose the folders you want to back up and we’ll automatically back them up on a daily basis for you. Whether it’s an entire system back-up or specific folders, we’ll take care of it.

Data Encryption

Your data is protected and encrypted meaning that only you have access to it.

Advanced Monitoring

We regularly monitor our backup software to make sure there are no problems or system failures.

Rapid Data Recovery

Should you experience a data disaster within your business, your backed up files can be recovered and restored.

If you’d like to find out more about cloud back-up services call us today on 01543 889444 for a no-obligation chat.